Sponsored by the American Scandinavian Heritage Foundation
July 20, 21, 22, 2018
Jamestown Community College, Jamestown NY

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2018 Schedule

Friday – July 20

4:30 PMSvenska Spelmän
5:30 PMSchottis Instruction Workshop with Jeanne Eriksson Andersen
6:00 PMOpening Ceremonies
6:15 PMViking Chorus
6:45 PMThule Lodge Swedish Adult Folk Dance Team with Svenska Spelmän
7:30 PMOskar Stenmark Jazz Trio
8:30 PMSmorgasbandet

Saturday – July 21

10:00 AMWaltz and Polka Instruction Workshop with Jeanne Eriksson Andersen, Decorate Midsummer Pole
11:00 AMMidsummer Celebration - Procession of Midsummer Pole and Community Ring Dances
12:15 PMHardanger Fiddle - Sue Tillotson
12:30 PMThule Lodge Swedish Children’s Folk Dance Team
1:00 PMSvenska Spelmän with Thule Lodge Swedish Adult Folk Dance Team
2:30 PMOskar Stenmark Jazz Trio
3:30 PMVasa Voices
4:00 PMSmorgasbandet
5:00 PMScandinavian Trivia Contest
6:00 PMSchottis Instruction Workshop with Jeanne Eriksson Andersen
6:30 PMSvenska Spelmän
7:00 PMOskar Stenmark Jazz Trio
8:00 PMCombined Bands – Smorgasbandet, Oskar Stenmark, Svenska Spelmän, Smorgasbandet to Close

Sunday – July 22

11:00 AMSvenska Spelmän
12:00 NoonOskar Stenmark Jazz Trio
1:00 PMSmorgasbandet
2:00 PMPresentation by Ulf Mårtensson - “Swedish American in the 21 st Century”
3:00 PMSwedish Folk Dance Mass

The Entertainers



We are honored that Smörgåsbandet has agreed to be a part of this year's Festival. Jeanne Eriksson Andersen, daughter of Walter Eriksson, is the leader of the group consisting of two accordions, one guitar and drums. Their focus is traditional Swedish gammeldans music such as the waltz, schottis, hambo, and polka. In addition they throw in contemporary music. They have performed at the Festival in the past and always had an enthusiastic response from the audience.

Besides Jamestown, Smörgåsbandet has performd at the Norsk HostFest in North Dakatoa; the Scandinavian Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, Scanfest of New Jersey; Sweden Day of New York City and countless other events.

Oskar Stenmark Trio

Oskar Stenmark

Oskar Stenmark was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, but moved to New York City almost four years ago. He received his Master's degree in Jazz Performance from Manhattan School of Music. Following is his story.

I have inherited my music from my ancestors in Dalecarlia, Sweden, a region known for its rich cultural traditions. The small Swedish village Gärdebyn has been a cultural hub for over two hundred years. I am the tenth generation to represent the music in my family and have traced our ancestors back to 1762, something that I am very proud of. My paternal grandmother, Elsie Börjes, was born in Gärdebyn and came in 1956 to the U.S. with Rättviks Spelmanslag, a group of fiddlers. It is my intention to revisit some of the places she went to... Jamestown is one of the stops Elsie made that I haven't had a chance to visit yet. It will be such a pleasure to come to the Scandinavian Folk Festival and tell our stories that have been around for so long. While preserving the old melodies and adding harmony and improvisation, the music moves from past to present in my trio.

For a sample of their music click here

Svenska Spelmän

Performing at the Swedish Embassy in Washington, NY
Svenska Spelmän will be returning to the Festival with their unique sound of gammeldans music. Their performance focuses on the traditional waltz, polka, schottis, hambo, snoa and ganglot. The group consists of Kathy Petersen on the fiddle and nyckelharpa, Cheryl Ritch on the fiddle, Tom Gestwicki on the mandolin/guitar/banjo/vocal, Donald Sandy on the accordion.
All members are from Chautauqua County.

The Thule Lodge Swedish Folk Dancers

Thule Lodge Swedish Folk Dancers photo 1 Thule Lodge Swedish Folk Dancers photo 2 Thule Lodge Swedish Folk Dancers photo 3 Thule Lodge Swedish Folk Dancers photo 4 Thule Lodge Swedish Folk Dancers photo 5 Thule Lodge Swedish Folk Dancers photo 6
The adult and children folk dance teams from the Thule Lodge, Vasa Order of America,
have been a popular performing group in the Jamestown area for many years.
They have played a major role in preserving Scandinavian Folk dancing
as they pass the traditions on from one generation to another.
Ox Dancers
One of their special performances is the Ox Dance, a mock fight between two gentlemen
over the love of a girl. The fun they have in performing their dances is demonstrated in their style.

The Thule Adult Folk Dance Team is preparing for an educational trip to Sweden in October 2018. During their 10 day visit they will be meeting with 9 different Swedish Folk Dance Teams from Stockholm, Mora, Leksand, Orsa, Arvesta and Orebro. The primary plan is to dance together with these teams so that our local team can continue to improve in their dance skills. The team is practicing weekly to be ready for this opportunity. The Thule group will also be teaching some new dances to these teams in Sweden.

Vasa Voices

Vasa Voices

From Cleveland, Ohio we welcome Vasa Voices. This chorus will share selections of Swedish as well as American music.

Viking Mixed Chorus

The viking chorus photo 1
The viking chorus photo 2
The Viking Chorus is one of Jamestown's unique Swedish groups. The Viking Chorus has been singing for many years. They are members of the American Union of Swedish Singers. Their performance includes selections of both Swedish and English standards. The Chorus is under the direction of Mickey Sandberg and is accompanied by Cindy Robison.

Festival Overview Performers Special Events Lectures Vendors Scandinavian Food
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