Scandinavian Jamestown
Local Business and Organizations related to our Heritage

Viking Chorus

The Viking Chorus is one of Jamestown's unique Swedish groups. The Viking Chorus has been singing for many years.

They are members of the American Union of Swedish Singers. Their performances includes selections of both Swedish and English standards.

Thule Lodge Swedish Folk Dancers

The adult and children folk dance teams from the Thule Lodge, Vasa Order of America, have been a popular performing group in the Jamestown area for many years. They have played a major role in preserving Scandinavian Folk dancing as they pass the traditions on from one generation to another.

One of their special performances is the Ox Dance, a mock fight between two gentlemen over the love of a girl. The fun they have in performing their dances is demonstrated in their style.


Svenska Spelmän

Svenska Spelmän has a unique sound of gammeldans music.
Their performance focuses on the traditional waltz, polka, schottis, hambo, snoa and ganglot.

The group consists of Kathy Petersen on the fiddle and nyckelharpa, Cheryl Ritch on the fiddle, Tom Gestwicki on the mandolin/guitar/banjo/vocal and Don Sandy on the accordion.

All members are from Chautauqua County.

Scandinavian Resources

430 Crossman St. Jamestown, NY
(716) 665-0883

Table clothes, pillows, runners, tote bags, aprons, placemats, and many imported items such as copper and wooden items.

Country Woods Country Store

1771 Foote Ave., Jamestown, NY
We have a well-stocked Swedish room including red candle holders, tomtar, straw goats, ornaments, garlands, candles, and many other decorative items.

Samuel A. Carlson Electric Generating Station

The Board of Public Utilities’ (BPU) Samuel A. Carlson Electric Generating Station is one of the oldest and most successful municipal power plants in the country and, the City of Jamestown’s BPU is the largest of 47 municipally-owned and operated utilities in New York State.


First Lutheran Church

First Lutheran was organized by Swedish immigrants in Jamestown in 1856.


Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History

In 1984, the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History was founded in Peterson’s hometown of Jamestown, New York, as an educational institution charged with preserving Peterson’s lifetime body of work and making it available to the world for educational purposes.


Hessel Valley Lutheran Church

Hessel Valley Lutheran Church's mission is to help you explore your relationship with God and improve those meaningful relationships in your family life.