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Scandinavian Studies Program
       of Jamestown, New York

Assimilation of immigrant groups in this country naturally involves
the melding of the immigrant and American cultures.
As time passes, the immigrant culture tends to weaken
among the original immigrants' descendants.
The strong Scandinavian heritage of this area is in danger
of being lost with the passing of our elders and their skills.
The Scandinavian Studies Program was established in 1986 to respond to this challenge.
It's purpose is to broaden and strengthen our community's awareness
and understanding of it's Scandinavian heritage and culture by:

Sponsoring programs and activities that enhance understanding and appreciation
       of Scandinavian culture and heritage, with particular emphasis on activities and
       programs for our community's youth.
Supporting visits and exchanges between Scandinavians and Americans.
Fostering development of Sister City Relationships in Scandinavian coutries.
Acting as an umbrella for all Scandinavian clubs and groups for coordination
        of events, sevices, and support.

Scandinavian Studies Committee Assignment of
Jamestown Community College

Executive & Finance   Awards Committee   Genealogy/Saga Of The Hills Book
L.Durand Peterson, Executive Chair   Juanita (Toots) Porter, Chair   Karen Livsey
Curt Westrom, Finance Chair   Dee Dee Hansen   Gwen Axelson
Juanita (Toots) Porter   Durand Peterson   Donna Johnson
Don Sandy       Curt Westrom
Greg Fish        
Program Committee   YMCA Camp   Student Internship
Juanita (Toots) Porter, Chair   Curt Westrom, YMCA Chair   Greg Fish, Chair
Gwen Axelson   L. Durand Peterson   L. Durand Peterson
Dee Dee Hansen   Greg Fish   Curt Westrom
Donna Johnson        
Karen Livsey        
Norm Owen   Publication/Newsletter/Website   Honorary
Donna Sandberg   Gwen Axelson, Chair   John Selstrom
Ed Sandberg   Donna Johnson    
Don Sandy        
Bernie Veights       Swedish Council
Ralph Veights       Steve Sellstrom
Jeff Croon        
Lynne Meyers        

Scandinavian Studies Program
525 Falconer Street
PO Box 20
Jamestown, NY 14702-0020
Phone: 716.338.1185
Fax: 716.338.1460

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