ABBAMANIA, from Toronto, Canada, the world’s finest ABBA tribute band is highlighting this year’s Scandinavian Folk Festival. When Mamma Mia was on stage in Toronto, this band provided the music. Musically, vocally, and visually this is the most accurate recreation of an ABBA show in existence. The New York Times gave them a review of "vocally superb," the Boston Herald says "Best ABBA show ever" and the Rolling Stone Magazine states “ABBAMANIA is incredible.” ABBAMANIA has performed from Malaysia to Mexico to the Cayman Islands with over 200 shows a year since 1999.

The seven band members will perform Saturday July 20, 2024 at 8 PM in the Northwest Arena, Jamestown, NY during the Scandinavian Folk Festival. Hear every song recreated note for note, sound for sound to make this show the most authentic ABBA production you will ever hear. The 21st annual Scandinavian Folk Festival theme is “Let’s Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ABBA.” Representing Sweden, ABBA won the Eurovision Contest in 1974 performing “Waterloo.” This event launched their career and led to their music becoming Sweden’s number one export.

This concert is ticketed as a separate event of the Festival. Concert ticket holders can come for dinner with no Festival fee after 6 PM.

Continuing with the celebration at the Scandinavian Folk Festival will be ABBA karaoke on Saturday afternoon July 20. In addition, children’s groups are being invited to demonstrate their ABBA talents on Sunday, July 21 at 2 PM. The Thule Swedish Folk Dance Teams will perform folk dances to music written by Benny Anderson from ABBA.

The Scandinavian Folk Festival at the Northwest Arena will continue Saturday July 20 from 10 AM to 7 PM and on Sunday July 21 from 10 AM to 4 PM. This is the opportunity to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Jamestown area’s cultural heritage.  

Ethnic foods will be featured.  Choices include Swedish meatball dinners and other options served by 3Cs Catering, Swedish waffles and varmkorv (Swedish hot dog with choice of mashed potatoes) by Hot Spot Café and Norm’s world famous korv burgers sponsored by the American Scandinavian Heritage Foundation and served by the Allen Park Women’s Club. Don’t forget the lingonberry drink and Danish Carlsberg beer. Oh, and all the pickled herring you can eat.

Besides ABBAMANIA, the sounds of Sweden will be presented by Smorgasbandet from Long Island on accordions and drums, Svenska Spelman from Chautauqua County on fiddles, nyckelharpa, guitar, banjo and accordion. In addition DemBones will be blasting out music on their trombones, The Thule Adult and Children's Folk Dance Teams will be demonstrating traditional dances..

On Saturday morning, July 20 at 10 AM begin your midsummer celebration by making your own colorful head wreath and by putting flowers from your garden onto the 21 foot tall midsummer pole. Participate in the procession of the pole with the Festival’s musicians and watch it being erected on the corner of Lafayette and W. 3rd St. Then, it is time to join in with traditional ring dances in the street.

Several vendors will be exhibiting their products in the Northwest Arena. Be sure to check out the Festival’s gift shop for unique local inspired t-shirts and many imported, new and flea market items.

A series of educational and fun lectures will occur both days. Bring your musical instrument and attend one of Smorgasbandet’s learn-a-tune workshops. Observe crafters at work and begin to learn some new skills. Want to learn how to play the Viking chess style game called Hnefatafl using our hand carved game pieces?

The family activity center offers crafts for people of all ages but with a focus on children. Listen to a Swedish book being read during storytime.