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Touring Planet Earth since 1999.

Our aim is for to you experience how a LIVE concert would have felt all those years ago, bringing you the best in vocals, musicianship and musical arrangments.This show has been running since 1999 and is the longest running ABBA Tribute Concert in the World.

We have worked meticulously to try to bring you the most accurate and authentic LIVE ABBA Concert possible. We wanted to capture the true essence, energy and excitment of what it would have been like to have experienced this truly wonderful band LIVE in concert


SFF24 ABBA Photo

Svenska Spelmän

Our own local Swedish Band, Svenska Spelmän, has performed at all 20 Scandinavian Folk Festivals. All members are from Chautauqua County. Kathy Petersen plays the fiddle and nyckelharppa, Cheryl Ritch performs on the fiddle, Thomas Gestwicki on the guitar/banjo and Donald Sandy on the accordion. They focus on the traditional music of Scandinavia such as the waltz, polka, schottis, ganglot, and hambo. Their selections provide music both for enjoyable listening as well as dancing. This band is also the music for the Thule Adult and Children's Folk Dance Teams. They have performed in the Swedish embassy in Washington, DC and for the King and Queen of Sweden.


SFF24 ABBA Photo


Returning this Year

SmörgåsBandet is a Smörgåsbord of music, with deep Scandinavian roots that they celebrate through their instruments and a lifetime of experiences. Together as a band for over 20 years, their Nordic knowledge and expertise results in a broad spectrum of genres including folk music, gammaldans, pop, evergreens, country and rock ‘n roll. They love to interact with the audience, so get ready to sing and dance along. Jeanne Eriksson, MC, is the daughter of the late maestro Walter Eriksson and plays accordion, keyboard and teaches dance. Her son is the percussionist and Social media PR expert, and Wayne Söderlund is their modern day maestro making sounds with his electronic Roland accordion that sets them far apart from your “farfar’s” gammaldans orchestra. Wayne’s son Johnny Söderlund plays guitar, banjo & drums on special occasions. They’ve performed overseas in Sweden and Åland, and have appeared at countless festivals, conventions, concert halls, restaurants and celebrations from New York to California and numerous States in between. They love what they do and do what they love and their enthusiasm is contagious. Welcome back to Jamestown, SmörgåsBandet!
Jeanne will be leading the community midsummer ring dances outside (weather permitting) on Lafayette Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets at 11 AM on Saturday July 20, 2024. Besides their performances on the main stage inside the Northwest Arena, they will also lead a "Learn a Tune" workshop for the Festival musicians as well as anybody from the community. Bring your instrument and join in. Check the schedules when posted for time and place


SFF24 ABBA Photo


Seven or more trombone players from the Jamestown/Warren area will perform including selections from Scandinavian composers including ABBA.



SFF24 ABBA Photo

Thule Lodge Adult & Children's Folk Dance Teams

The local Thule Lodge Vasa Order of America has two Swedish Folk Dance Teams - one with adults and one with children. They have been part of our community for a number of generations.

The Adult Folk Dance Team toured Sweden in 2018 and worked with nine different folk dance teams to finesse their dancing skills. The Children's Folk Dance Team danced with Sweden's Queen Sylvia when she last visited Jamestown. The mission of both teams is to preserve the heritage of our Scandinavian Culture.

Both teams are always seeking new members so if interested let one of the dancers know. The Children's Team is under the direction of Mary-AnnEva Ingrao and the instructor for the Adult team is Gerd Brigotta. Both teams perform to the music of Svenska Spelmän.